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Ministerial Staff

GREATER WORKS Apostolic New Life Center in Inglewood, California, is led by Pastor Forrest Alan Fykes, Sr. and his family. Pastor Fykes and his family have been serving the community for decades.

Pastor Fykes, Sr.

From Humble Beginnings

Our founder, Pastor Fykes, Sr., was baptized at the Greater Bethlehem Temple Church of Inglewood on May 2, 1982. He received the gift of the Holy Ghost in July of 1982 under the leadership of Bishop Winston L. Singleton, Sr. In 1984, he was called to the ministry. His obedience enhanced the manifestation of his spiritual gifts in service at Greater Bethlehem Temple Church until May 1996. In June 1996, he was elevated as an elder at the Christ Temple Apostolic Church of Los Angeles under the leadership of Pastor Lewis D. Stallworth III. He served as Associate Pastor and a board member from 1997 - 1999.

The Growing Flock

His passion for outreach was apparent as he faithfully conducted in-home Bible classes with his wife, throughout the greater Los Angeles. In June 1999, he founded The GREATER WORKS Apostolic Outreach Ministry, authorized by the late Bishop Lewis D. Stallworth, Sr. and recognized by the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith (PCAF), as an incorporated small church. Pastor Forrest A. Fykes was ordained at the PCAF National Convention in Indianapolis in August 2000. Since that time, he and his wife have conducted marriage seminars across the country, including at the national conventions hosted by the PCAF.

Lady Valerie Fykes

It was her twelfth year of marriage and three children later, when the Lord called Lady Valerie Fykes into Holiness, April 30, 1982. She was baptized in the name of Jesus and filled with the Holy Ghost, at the Greater Bethlehem Temple Church, of Inglewood, CA, under the administration of Bishop Winston L Singleton, Sr. Her obedience to the voice of God brought her entire immediate family in (Husband, mother and three children ages 7, 5, and 4).

During her membership at Greater Bethlehem Temple Church, she served in several capacities for many years (Missionary-corresponding by letters both domestically and internationally; Usher Board; and Sunday School Departments) until May of 1996. In October 1997, she was licensed as a Minister by the California and Western States Council (CWSC). She also assisted her companion in teaching in-home bible classes throughout the Greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas. In June of 1999, she was instrumental in establishing The Greater Works Apostolic New Life Center, authorized by the late Bishop Lewis D. Stallworth Sr., and recognized by the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. as a small church. Lady Fykes was ordained as an evangelist, at the P.C.A.F. National Convention in the city of Cleveland, OH July of 2004.

As the proud Elect Lady and Co-Pastor of Greater Works…this ministry takes Apostolic Outreach into the streets. Along with her husband and pastor, Elder Forrest A. Fykes I, they head an energetic staff that strives for excellence. She also tag teams with her spouse as they teach Successful Long Lasting Marriage Concepts in many local seminars and in two PCAF National Conventions. Lady Fykes and her husband have opened their hearts and doors to the less fortunate and under privileged by becoming foster parents to over 30 or more children. In late 2007, Lady and Pastor Fykes were able to become a part of an organized team called Get on the bus. This unique ministry circulates the community and unites children with their mothers and fathers in prison. Fathers Day weekend, June 2008 after a thorough and intense process, they were able to take about 30 young people to the San Luis Obispo site to visit their Fathers in prison (who some had never met).

Lady Fykes is actively involved in the National Women’s Forum within the P.C. of A.F. Organization. In December of 2014, Lady Fykes was elevated to the position of Co-Pastor of Greater Works New Life Center. She truly is a Proverbs 31 woman and a lover of God’s people. Twice weekly she teaches a hands-on bible class to those incapacitated and drives as far as 50 miles to do so. Her hobbies include playing her keyboard, spending quality time with her family and enjoying the journey with her wonderful husband of over 46 years.

Lady Valerie Fykes

Pastor & Lady Sykes

Elder Forrest Alan Fykes, II & Minister Melissa Fykes  (Associate Pastor & Wife) 

Elder Forrest A. Fykes II was born on March 10, 1978 to Pastor Forrest A. & Lady Valerie E. Fykes. Raised in a religious home from his birth, his family attended a local Los Angeles Methodist church until they were transitioned from the world (1982) into the great call of holiness. At the age of five (1983), young Forrest patterned himself after his family and was baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins, at the Greater Bethlehem Temple Church of Inglewood. As time would have it, he was filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost in August of 1988 at the ripe age of 10. That momentous event started the blood-life line of Elder Forrest Alan Fykes, II.

As an ambitious young person in the Lord and musically inclined, Elder Fykes, II allowed God to enhance his talent as a drummer and he became one of the main musicians in the percussionist department, traveling locally and nationally as a gospel drummer. He was a faithful member of his church, participatory in their activities and an example to his young peers. As part of the youth witnessing team, Elder Fykes, II went door to door in gang infested areas proclaiming that “Jesus Saves.” The Lord began to deal with this young man about the age of 14 years old (1992). There was an inkling on the inside of him that could not be quenched. The urge to preach and speak whenever he was asked was apparent to all that knew him and as he grew into the knowledge, he was licensed as a minister at 17 years old in February of 1997 by the California and Western States Council, Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. (P.C.A.F.)

With zeal and enthusiasm, Elder Fykes, II assisted his parents in the ministry and occasionally conducted in-home bible classes in the Greater Los Angeles Area. This outreach stretched beyond the homes and into the streets of Los Angeles with feeding and ministering to the homeless on skid row. As the doors were opened in other areas, April of 1999, marked the year that the Lord led the Fykes family to branch out and open their home to a ministry where he could work. Charged by God to aid his parents in the ministry, Elder Forrest Fykes, II sought after a name that would identify what the ministry was about and “Greater Works Apostolic Outreach” became a living soul. In 2002, Elder Fykes, II married his companion in Christ, Minister Melissa Quinn, who is currently aiding and supporting him and the vision of his ministry. He is the Associate and Youth Pastor of Greater Works and is now the newly elected Youth Chairman of the California and Western States Council. He travels from time to time across the country preaching the gospel. As of June 21, 2010, they were blessed with a son Elijah Alan. Elder Fykes was inducted as an Ordained Elder in July 2013.

Four years later on December 16, 2014, God granted a “true miracle” (and testimony that must be shared) to be added to their family with the birth of Joseph Emmanuel.

Serving the Community

In 2007, we hosted our first California and Western States Council's 147th session in Inglewood. In 2008, Pastor Fykes and his wife partnered with Get On The Bus, an organization that reunites children with their fathers in prison. Through our work that year, 27 children visited their incarcerated dads to enjoy a Saturday with them on Father's Day weekend.

Keeping the Faith

In 2011, GREATER WORKS Apostolic New Life Center found a new location that enabled the ministry to grow, develop, and broaden its territory. Each year our ministry feeds the homeless and less fortunate during the Thanksgiving holidays. In 2015, the GREATER WORKS Apostolic Outreach Ministry became GREATER WORKS Apostolic New Life Center. Come be a part of our Christian Community Center.